Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unique Business Proposal

In my inbox this morning, I received the following letter:  


I would like to discuss a business proposal that has the potential for significant earnings.

I am currently employed with a privately held manufacturing company. My company has demand for a specific material that is vital to its processing operations. We are currently purchasing this material at a price well over the manufacturing cost.

I would like to explore the possibility of having you stand-in as a new supplier, providing this material while retaining the same profit margins. My role would be to introduce you to my company, as the supplier, and to obtain a contract between you and my employer. I have already discussed sourcing possibilities with the existing manufacturer, leaving room for attractive profit margins. What is still required in order to materialize this venture is an individual who is at arm's length to oversee these supply chain transactions. The required capital to purchase our initial order from the manufacturer will be funded strictly from myself and no additional investment will be required from yourself. With that said, we can discuss terms and commission structure in the near future.

I understand that your experience with does not directly relate to my field. However, this venture is more in line with your personal capabilities rather than your professional experience.

Please send a return email to verify your contact number and to schedule the most convenient time to discuss these possibilities in detail. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kindest Regards,
Barry Crawford

I don't need anyone to tell me that this a scam or phishing. That much is, well, obvious. Even if the errors hadn't cued me in, or the vagueness of the offer, I would still know that it was bogus in that it appeared to be directed at me, yet didn't have my name in the letterhead. However, it is still an intriguing letter.

What is this "specific material?" Unobtainium? Raw blood for vampire chow? Human organs for wealthy donors? Parts from stolen alien spaceships? What do you think? What would be the most far-out item that a mysterious businessman would want "laundered?"