Saturday, September 11, 2010

Editing and Revision

Dear Diary,

Today I entered revisions for a short story. I am not finished, but my poor brain has turned to jelly. This is not only hard work, this is boring work. There is none of the wild excitement that comes from creating a new draft, of sending a character on an adventure that may turn out differently from the way you envisioned it. At this point everything is known. At this point, all that matters is the prepositions that dangle and the inappropriate passive voice.

And spelling. That matters, too. Spellchecker will not save you, btw. Those homonyms will get you everytime. There and their, too and to and two. I remember once reading a horror story where the characters were terrified when they came across a scull. And don't forget, its and it's.

Plus you've got to watch out for which and that.

It's enough to drive any mad writer sane, I tell you!

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