Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Income Tax Problem

Forty-ninne percent of all households pay no income tax, or so I've heard. I think that is atrocious.

Many Conservatives also think that is atrocious, but for different reasons. They state, in published opinions and verbally to my face, that these people should pay their fair share of taxes. But they do. Everyone, except those who are completely supported by others, such as little children and the extreme elderly, pay taxes. Hardly anything can be bought without an additional sales tax. Gasoline and diesel fuels, which are used to transport goods to market, and from market to home, are bought with hefty taxes. Transportation taxes are paid for by raising the cost of food and goods, and this additional cost then incurs additional sales tax. Residences are taxed, directly or indirectly. Gas for heating and cooking, electricity, municipal water; all these utilities are taxed. And people pay these taxes regardless of income.

Income taxes fall on those people who make a certain minimum. If your household doesn't make this minimum, then the government considers you to be barely scraping by, and tries not to burden you heavier. The fact that forty-nine percent, nearly half, of all households in this country are considered to be scraping by or less is disturbing. Very disturbing.

Am I in the forty-nine percent? No. We pay income taxes. And that means, despite the fact that I clip coupons and search to save money, that we must be rich. Rich enough to pay taxes.

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