Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybe Not Rejected?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I mentioned that I had received a rejection. That rejection was firm, complete with form statement that said, "We reject many strong stories..." It implied that my story was strong without actually saying so. But it was a clear rejection.

Then I learned that I may not have been rejected from the first market I sent it to. I probably have been, but I don't know for sure.

I had sent the story first to an anthology which closed almost two months ago. On Wednesday I found a listing of the contributors, so I assumed that it was the final list. But -- is it? Another submitter pointed out to me that the editor had promised that everyone who submitted would receive a definite notice of acceptance or rejection. I haven't received it, but then, emails do get lost.

On the other hand (but not the gripping hand) two other contributors also have not received word one way or the other.

So, we twist in the wind, our possibility of being accepted dwindling by the day, but still not free to send our stories to other markets.

The anthology is supposed to be published next month. If it is, and our stories are not in it, my companion points out, we can definatively say that we were rejected. It seems awkward, but sometimes, that's all you get.

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