Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stopping for Gas

Dear Diary,

The novel has hit a point, most definately, where I need to stop for gas. I know that many people have the advice that if you reach a spot where things aren't going well, then you should just push ahead. Keep writing. Don't lose the momentum.

This makes about as much sense as deciding that just because the needle is on empty, we should push ahead at full speed. Sometimes you just gotta stop for gas. And a bathroom.

I can feel that this is such a place. A major point has just happened, resolving some of the tension of the story. If I don't get more tension going, and soon, the story will flatline. Readers will put it down. Therefore, even as I am working through the fallout of the previous situation, I need to start building the next situation. My main character has been busy making enemies. It's now time for these enemies to start plotting his downfall.

Not just wishing for it. Actually plotting for it.

Meanwhile, he still needs to fall out of that tree. Figuratively, that is. He thinks he's in a safe place, right? Now he needs to find that he has enemies here, too.

Cue the dramatic music...


1 comment:

  1. Poor Talaski. Even the creator of his world has it in for him. What's a character to do?